Driving Innovation in Bastrop County

We are connecting the Lost Pines Region through business and advocacy.

Three Unique Cities


In the heart of Bastrop County, a vibrant arts and cultural scene thrives with seven galleries and various festivals. Nestled just miles from the historic downtown is the Tesla Gigafactory, seamlessly blending modern innovation with the town’s rich heritage.


In the northern tip of Bastrop County Elgin boasts the title of the “Sausage Capital of Texas.” With a long history stretching back to 1872, Elgin’s brick lined streets are affordable providing citizens with a 1.8% lower cost of living than the national average.


Nestled in the east, Smithville exudes small-town charm with its historic downtown, friendly community, and picturesque surroundings. Known for its film-friendly appeal, it offers a blend of cultural heritage, outdoor recreation, and a welcoming atmosphere.

…and 22 towns!

Bastrop County’s Diverse Economy


Our Mission

In a strategic move to foster economic, educational, and cultural development, the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce proudly established the Chamber Foundation of Bastrop County in July 2023. This 501(c)3 non-profit entity signifies a commitment to a collective vision of a prosperous and thriving community, aiming to drive innovation, fortify local businesses, and empower residents and businesses across the broader Bastrop County region.

Elevating Bastrop County's Profile

The Chamber Foundation of Bastrop County is a significant milestone in the history of the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce. This establishment sets the stage for collaborative efforts dedicated to enhancing the overall quality of life in Bastrop County. The foundation actively seeks the participation and support of local businesses, residents, and community leaders to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for the region.

How Do We
Support Our Members?


Welcome to your community hub dedicated to the development in of Bastrop County. Our Chamber offers networking and collaboration opportunities, connecting like-minded individuals and fostering growth in the Lost Pines Region.


We proudly advocate for local businesses at all levels of government to ensure prosperity in our community. As strong supporters for success, we understand the importance of protecting innovation through policy. 


Advance your business and foster community connections with the Chamber. Propel your success with a wide range of events and resources. Unleash your business potential in Bastrop County.

The Businesses of Bastrop County