What We Do

Strategic Goals and Grant Opportunities


Attaining 501(c)(3) status equips the Chamber Foundation to pursue funding through various grant opportunities. In partnership with the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, the foundation is committed to multifaceted goals encompassing the development of economic, civic, cultural, and social welfare in the Bastrop region. By championing economic development and supporting local initiatives, the foundation aims to cultivate a more vibrant and prosperous business environment.

Leadership Team


Leading the Chamber Foundation of Bastrop County is Becki Womble, serving as President and CEO, with Jami Haney administering the Foundation as Executive Director and Vice President, and Lori Tuggle from Lori Tuggle State Farm, serving as Secretary on the founding board. Additional board members will be added to further strengthen the foundation’s leadership.  This Board will help set the future strategic direction and priorities for the Foundation.

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